Passing by Silence (17-nov-09)

I see silence,
sometimes awkward lines,
bridge of fear in present,
scared of past sounds,
torn out pages,
worn out faces,
everything faded 
by time.

All the songs,
and all the phrases,
even the fights,
and things related,
with those faces,
i see them all sublime,
in those places,
where no one goes now.

Past moments recalled,
during midnight walks,
filling spaces with thoughts,
of people throughing rocks,
into distant feilds outlined,
with barbed wire fence,
bringing future visions 
of hollow bark in present,
hope this hypnotic 
sense soon ends.

Silence surrounds hollowness,
and fear makes it dense,
forget things lost in past tense,
move ahead,
reframe vision of a new end,
by which you can stand,
or walk the road with eyes closed,
and reach somewhere 
you dont have to pretend.

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