Nostalgic me :

Sly scurrilous eloquence berried in a pithy sham quiescence.
aloof i veer in tranquil, like a pert woebegone veteran...

Masked in Highlights

Amidst the combat of the opposites,
There is a power that resists,
Within the two-faced man,
A Guardian exists....

With all the risks,
He is no frail....

His existence is vital....

Between both the extremes,
with his shroud like attire
he masks his presence...

Behind the screen made out of reflection
He lives unseen....

"My Surrender"

I surrender to thee thy blessing
that dost shower upon me
a tumbler full insufficient
hast been a single drop
quenches my thirst

I thank thee! almighty
for he's the perfect present
thou blessing to me
the most fruitful drop
inevitably pure................

Answers to this surrender
gives reasons of my faith
to him and to thee
thus i surrender!!

The end

Walking away silently..
tip toeing like a thief..
what wrong have i done..
that i feel bad..
i dont get sleep..
maybe there is something..
inside very deep..
where even i dont dare..
dare to peep..
please dont try..
dont try to reach..
that deep end inside..
where everything ends..
where the only way to reach..
is a route which is very steep..
with unpredictable dangers..
and walls blood red..
its burning hot inside..
and the scene is totally sad..
but i see someone in the end..
someone scary..
who lives there..
where there's no way out..
life seems very hard..
which has made him scary..
and he acts like a retard..
but now he has learnt..
to live over there..
to accept his retarded life..
to accept his scary self..
so he stays inside..
although he sees hope..
a ray of light..
but he wont see things..
clearly outside..
its better he believes..
theres no way out..
and stays there..
where its dark..
in the end..

"The day i touched the moon" (2-oct-09)

The day
when you kissed me for the first time
i felt like i touched the moon
which is so high that no one can reach
now which i wont get to see soon
cuz ur goin far away, as far as the moon

the day
when you stopped talking to me after we fought
i felt like a song you like a lot
which is the first song in your playlist
but you dont listen to it anymore
cuz it reminds you of the nice time we had spent before 

the day
when i was getting married to you
i felt like a page added to a diary 
in which you daily write
few things about your life
cuz you want to remember them always

the day
when you hugged me tight on our 50th aniversary
i felt like a shoe you had worn
which you still like to wear
although it has got badly torn
which you will wear for more aniversary's ahead 

but now
when i recall old days i cry
cuz i dont know if i'll ever get to touch the moon again
feels lyk the song you like is PLAYing but is going to end soon
feels like the diary you write daily still has alot of pages 
but is about to reach its last stage soon
feels like you wont b able to wear that shoe anymore
feels like i am incomplete now but still hope to see you soon
after we get reincarnated into a new world and meet each other again
till then i'll wait to feel how it feels like to touch the moon

Don’t be the one you never wanted to be

Don’t be the one you never wanted to be
Being yourself is the safest thing to be
I don’t like change and i don’t like to see
But change for something good is always accepted by me

Don’t do something of which you are not sure
Always think twice before knocking a door
Don’t mistake cubs with cats if they don’t roar
But is taking risk wrong? I think the decision is all your

You never know what a herd is like
Just for instance we have two cases to see
Either you be a part of the herd
Or be amongst those who always wanted to be

If you are a part go far and see
And for those amongst -who wanted to be
Try coming closer you’ll get to see
Coz every one perceives things differently

I was a part of the herd so I went far to see
Then I lost the track and it kind of changed me
So be yourself it’s the safest side to be
Don’t be the one which you never wanted to be.

Back again on my own (5-july-09)

Lots of wrongs 
Then a right
I think my vision now 
Is clear and bright
A step forward
A look behind
Don’t know why i
Want it to rewind
Still i go 
With the flow
With no hint
In my mind
But i rewind
In my mind
To all the memories
I want to bind
Chitchat with friends
Yummy food
By grandma’s hand
Joyous time
With mom and dad
Troubling him to
Get up from bed
My brother with whom
I had a blast
With cousins around
In my home land
There was no time 
to feel sad
but now 
its time to go
back again on my own
to my own foreign land
time to say good bye
to my home land.

Passing by Silence (17-nov-09)

I see silence,
sometimes awkward lines,
bridge of fear in present,
scared of past sounds,
torn out pages,
worn out faces,
everything faded 
by time.

All the songs,
and all the phrases,
even the fights,
and things related,
with those faces,
i see them all sublime,
in those places,
where no one goes now.

Past moments recalled,
during midnight walks,
filling spaces with thoughts,
of people throughing rocks,
into distant feilds outlined,
with barbed wire fence,
bringing future visions 
of hollow bark in present,
hope this hypnotic 
sense soon ends.

Silence surrounds hollowness,
and fear makes it dense,
forget things lost in past tense,
move ahead,
reframe vision of a new end,
by which you can stand,
or walk the road with eyes closed,
and reach somewhere 
you dont have to pretend.