‎"Things didn't go the way they were planned."

I would write it that way cuz it sounds good.
But the truth is.. There was no plan as such..

Despite that I saw something shatter into pieces.

How could I if nothing absolute ever existed,
but I 
wouldn't deny something did in the
blur of my 
Although its obsolete now.

Which means there was something.. 
Lost in the difference between these two words, 
absolute and obsolete.

Slight difference in the spelling but a vast 
difference in the meaning. Which was lost
in denial. And it was in that moment of blur 
that I lost you.

And I could only distinguish that after the loss!
When I learnt the meanings of those words
I realized

what could be absolute was completely obsolete now.

I learn how much I love you.. more and more,
every time I describe what I lost.

BUT, When friends ask me to speak up, I say...
Things just didn't go the way they were planned.