monsoon never left, nor did hope

You are the prism that refracted me and split me into multiple reflections. I was not aware if it was even possible considering me being the ray of light which is an irony in itself. I scattered to explore my being, to acknowledge my existence, to believe the different possibilities i was capable enough to stretch to. Prism now seemed more like a diamond because, what it had given me was precious. It took the restrained and captivated me and hung me on the third bar. I felt like a kite flying high and the limitless sky started to seem as my territory. But true that it is be it bitter good things rarely last long. Its the same phenomenon as the change of seasons, its probably mandatory at least that is what I tell myself. But the twist in my story was that monsoon had never left, it was just one of days when sky clears out and everything starts to seem fresher and newer, yes it was like one of those days and I realized you were neither the prism nor the diamond, you were merely a drop amongst millions of other drops, and us meeting was just a coincidence I try to tell myself cuz the speed at which i was falling and the speed at which you were falling were way too different but it was fateful that we met, otherwise I would have never known that i was capable of emitting not just colors but a raibow that spreads all over the sky. I still remember your philosophy of love, you said love is momentary, well so was the day and hence the rainbow and i couldn't help but believe this to be LOVE. So, again I got summoned in gloom cuz the feeling of being capable of something so beautiful all thanks to you was so strong that I could never let go of it. That day after you left it rained heavily and many more days after that and the monsoon remained just as hope did of another such day when the sky would clear and I would meet some other drop just like you, that would refract me again. If you wondered why not the same drop then the reason is cuz I know I wont meet the same drop again but it will always remain as one of the best descriptions of my life. 
I live in the hope of another such experience, even though i will have to struggle to feel the same but i have to keep hoping cuz If this hope dies i will have nothing left worth living for any more.

Solitary Retreat

What people follow from my writings is that I write about you, But that is just how i mask it, there is more to what i write, there is more that i just hide, and  the truth is that people have nothing to do with my writings, only you do cuz they are written to you. I write to you and let it fly like a wish from the eyelash hoping that it reaches you, but don't want you to find me or see the look on your face while you are reading it so i disappear in the crowd, its I who has been hiding and still continue to hide. And i will continue to keep hiding till you find me cuz i long for that.
And there are even times when i write and don't let my words fly still i want you to know, but i know its just not possible, so i store it in my solitary retreat, the only place i can vent from time to time. Its my secret hiding place, which i long for you to find.