When you showed me the kind of connection you have had
and the kind of relation you share with them - you asked me for a feedback
"what could have i said, its difficult to put few things in words"

finally this is what i could say

i'll  explain  you  with  an  example
example  of  me,  after  what  i  saw
a  treasured  memorandum
an  adventuruous  journey  of  ur  life
i  feel  a  brute  fruition
in  a  hollow  space  inside
which  has  shrunk  my  heart  even  more
cuz  i've  realized  what  a  dead  soul  i  am...
i  try  to  recall  if  i  have  ever  connected  that  way..
i  wanted  to  connect,  there  was  a  need  to  connect
so  i  did,
to  fiction,  to  dreams..
i  literally  lived  in  a  virtual  world..
what  connection  i  saw  was  a  devine  connection
something  which  i  really  look  up  to  now  and  even  wonder
"how  does  it  feel  to  connect  with  real  people?"
have  i  even  known  that  feeling???
"its  a  big  hint  to  do  i  know  how  does  it  feel  to  connect  with  real  people"
all  these  people,  whatever  idea  they  have  about
each  other  and  friendship  is  because  they  got  to  know  you.

"i used to close my eyes to real things, but now i dont" -
cuz i know that you are real

P.S i love you

While watching ps i love u
got this vision..
time is seperating us
but i m trying to hold on tight..
i see holding ur hand
but being pulled apart to the full stretch
i cant leave you now
how jerry had a plan...
i see you having too..
but just this thought,
got me terribly worried
of the day wen our college days will end
i dont wanna lose you
i will make an attempt
i'm going to have a plan
i will love you till the END..

Feelings put in words when i lost what once was mine

Want to feel like a free falling entity,
heart doesen't seem to pump blood properly,
arteries feel clogged,
be it for a fraction of second
i want all the blood in my body
to flow with full force,
this release of pressure
might be painful,
be it like a bleeding fountain,
i have to bear it,
cuz a part of them i took
which didn't belong to me,
needs to be free,
wish it could burst out all at once
and release me, releive me.

Doubtful mind

I really wonder how our mind grows
till an age there is no sense and sensibility
Things totally changed
ever since my mind developed,
i have had an improved level of intellect
i started thinking over things cuz i was able to judge and justify
since then the debate within me about myself has been going on
i never liked people being judgemental about me,
their comments always made a huge impact on me
they made me conscious, they made me change..
that is another thing i hated
ever since ive got brains enough to think
alot has changed....
now i wonder upon the misty past
try to wipe the window pane to see clear
still cannot see what was it then
how was it then
was i happy???
or am i happy now...
i know it wont change back to what it was
though must have been good
whatever be the case..
i know i do believe in fate
and whatever be the change
my instincts tell me they were for good
hence, it will be
if it were for bad
it would have been difficult to accept.
but still i dont know why
i wish things could remain the same


Full of spirit
Flying high,
So high that I
touched the sky,
Wind would blow
like music notes flow,
With a murmuring sound
they created a rhyme...
looking at the clouds
my stomach did growl,
Felt like cotton candies
melting in my mouth,
Beyond all the layers
of atmosphere
where there is space,
i was dancin and shinin
with stars in grace...
Now i know
where i stand,
with my mind intact
imaginatioon lets me
create an impact
turn it to real
and even beyond
as if it were
some spooky spell
or mabe it was
a magic wand...