Don’t be the one you never wanted to be

Don’t be the one you never wanted to be
Being yourself is the safest thing to be
I don’t like change and i don’t like to see
But change for something good is always accepted by me

Don’t do something of which you are not sure
Always think twice before knocking a door
Don’t mistake cubs with cats if they don’t roar
But is taking risk wrong? I think the decision is all your

You never know what a herd is like
Just for instance we have two cases to see
Either you be a part of the herd
Or be amongst those who always wanted to be

If you are a part go far and see
And for those amongst -who wanted to be
Try coming closer you’ll get to see
Coz every one perceives things differently

I was a part of the herd so I went far to see
Then I lost the track and it kind of changed me
So be yourself it’s the safest side to be
Don’t be the one which you never wanted to be.

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