"The day i touched the moon" (2-oct-09)

The day
when you kissed me for the first time
i felt like i touched the moon
which is so high that no one can reach
now which i wont get to see soon
cuz ur goin far away, as far as the moon

the day
when you stopped talking to me after we fought
i felt like a song you like a lot
which is the first song in your playlist
but you dont listen to it anymore
cuz it reminds you of the nice time we had spent before 

the day
when i was getting married to you
i felt like a page added to a diary 
in which you daily write
few things about your life
cuz you want to remember them always

the day
when you hugged me tight on our 50th aniversary
i felt like a shoe you had worn
which you still like to wear
although it has got badly torn
which you will wear for more aniversary's ahead 

but now
when i recall old days i cry
cuz i dont know if i'll ever get to touch the moon again
feels lyk the song you like is PLAYing but is going to end soon
feels like the diary you write daily still has alot of pages 
but is about to reach its last stage soon
feels like you wont b able to wear that shoe anymore
feels like i am incomplete now but still hope to see you soon
after we get reincarnated into a new world and meet each other again
till then i'll wait to feel how it feels like to touch the moon

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