The end

Walking away silently..
tip toeing like a thief..
what wrong have i done..
that i feel bad..
i dont get sleep..
maybe there is something..
inside very deep..
where even i dont dare..
dare to peep..
please dont try..
dont try to reach..
that deep end inside..
where everything ends..
where the only way to reach..
is a route which is very steep..
with unpredictable dangers..
and walls blood red..
its burning hot inside..
and the scene is totally sad..
but i see someone in the end..
someone scary..
who lives there..
where there's no way out..
life seems very hard..
which has made him scary..
and he acts like a retard..
but now he has learnt..
to live over there..
to accept his retarded life..
to accept his scary self..
so he stays inside..
although he sees hope..
a ray of light..
but he wont see things..
clearly outside..
its better he believes..
theres no way out..
and stays there..
where its dark..
in the end..

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