When you showed me the kind of connection you have had
and the kind of relation you share with them - you asked me for a feedback
"what could have i said, its difficult to put few things in words"

finally this is what i could say

i'll  explain  you  with  an  example
example  of  me,  after  what  i  saw
a  treasured  memorandum
an  adventuruous  journey  of  ur  life
i  feel  a  brute  fruition
in  a  hollow  space  inside
which  has  shrunk  my  heart  even  more
cuz  i've  realized  what  a  dead  soul  i  am...
i  try  to  recall  if  i  have  ever  connected  that  way..
i  wanted  to  connect,  there  was  a  need  to  connect
so  i  did,
to  fiction,  to  dreams..
i  literally  lived  in  a  virtual  world..
what  connection  i  saw  was  a  devine  connection
something  which  i  really  look  up  to  now  and  even  wonder
"how  does  it  feel  to  connect  with  real  people?"
have  i  even  known  that  feeling???
"its  a  big  hint  to  do  i  know  how  does  it  feel  to  connect  with  real  people"
all  these  people,  whatever  idea  they  have  about
each  other  and  friendship  is  because  they  got  to  know  you.

"i used to close my eyes to real things, but now i dont" -
cuz i know that you are real

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