Just these shades...

a splash of color stretched vividly,
not on an empty canvas
but on an art piece in shades of grey,
either extremes possible,
but the best written in fate,
adding a surreal meaning to this colorless truth,
turning it into fiction,
into a beautiful composition indeed,
both so amused with life,
just with company high is attained,
a relative quotient that multiplies,
when brought togather,
cuz you are the best company ever,
and the timid selves that we are,
is a mutual substance,
that gets us to back each other for support,
i say its magical and its best,
cuz its mutual and its unsaid,
its nice when we just play all the time,
i throw words you create rhyme,
pick a beat tap the ground,
step ahead with the sound,
and dance our heart out,
feels like just hallucinating,
to be able to surpass the world around,
this all must seem redundant,
but to me this just isn't enough,
to be able to share the joy of this day,
the joy of your presence,
of your existence in my life,
just these are the shades that color my frame,
and thats all this day is about for me,
happy birthday koodi sonpapdi.

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