"a question unaswered"

a conversation between me and my friend which happened to rhyme....courtesy Deepmala Dutta
Me - what should one do NOW if questions like - "is this what i want to do?' arise.. I get startled

Friend - stop thinking.... you are a anything you a plane or paper bag doesn't matter

Me - its a little different this time.

Friend - as in?

Me - maybe i hae crossed the line.

Friend - is it that you dnt want to design?.. become an engineer?

Me - :\ don't ask!

Friend - asking...

Me - i see something shining from the corner of my eye,
i dont wish to keep looking behind,
strings attached tied to the ground,
i want to fly, way up there i could scream my heart out,
and still there wont be any sound.

Friend - poet?

Me - i wont say!
its been in grave,
but sometimes
dead rise to haunt,
that is what it is.

Friend - say naa..
"The question remains unanswered  and it still continues to haunt"

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