Solitary Retreat

What people follow from my writings is that I write about you, But that is just how i mask it, there is more to what i write, there is more that i just hide, and  the truth is that people have nothing to do with my writings, only you do cuz they are written to you. I write to you and let it fly like a wish from the eyelash hoping that it reaches you, but don't want you to find me or see the look on your face while you are reading it so i disappear in the crowd, its I who has been hiding and still continue to hide. And i will continue to keep hiding till you find me cuz i long for that.
And there are even times when i write and don't let my words fly still i want you to know, but i know its just not possible, so i store it in my solitary retreat, the only place i can vent from time to time. Its my secret hiding place, which i long for you to find.

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